Secsyst Access

Your complete access control solution


Contact Dave Adams on 083 377 3777 – [email protected]


Estate residents: Please contact your HOA for any issues you might have with the Secsyst System.

HOAs: Please email support queries to [email protected]


Now also available for Android! Android-logo-png-4

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is finally here!
  • Request access codesright from your iPhone® or iPad®
  • Share!Forward access codes to your visitor from within your app
  • Cancel codesSwiftly recall a code you may have issued in error
  • Keep trackof your non-expired access codes
  • Courtesy notificationswhen your visitor arrives and leaves
  • Security alertsBe notified instantly about security concerns
  • Touch loginUse iPhone’s® new fingerprint Touch ID® technology to log into your app
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Now with Driver’s and Vehicle License Scanning!

We can now offer our clients the ability to scan driver’s and vehicle licenses, as well as capture digital signatures, and other information of (security) interest (e.g. number of persons in a contractor’s vehicle)!

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Biometric Fingerprint Access

Biometrics is a fantastic add on for workers, contractors and residents

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Card/Tag Access

The core system comes with card access for residents included.

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Pre-cleared code access

For visitor access and also comes included in the core system

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Voice call authorization

For visitors without pre-authorised codes, a popular add on for larger estates.

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The only sensible choice that provides not only mature visitor access control but everything you need for comprehensive access too!

    Fixed or use-based monthly cost. The choice is yours. No surprises – no hidden extras!
    Based on the latest in web and mobile technology, it’s easy to access and to manage.
  • EASY
    Both the management / administration and operational user interfaces have been professionally designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.
    The combination of it’s ease-of-use, power and flexibility makes our system a fantastic tool for managing security.
    All the information at your fingertips 24/7. Reports are live and comprehensive. We’ll even tailor make a report for you if we don’t have one that suits your needs.
    Using only the best quality components and excellent locally developed software, our systems are effective and reliable.